Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Latest Update on my IAS 1.1 Design (Inflow Algae Scrubber)

I wanted to post a few pics so everyone could see my prototype of my version of the upflow algae scrubber. Technically this is considered an inflow algae scrubber because I am not creating an upflow with bubbles on the screen. But rather, the screen simple sits in the sump and water circulates through the scrubber.

Here a few pics of the scrubber:

I found a glass vase that was over 10 inches tall and 3.25 inches in width
I bought a 4 inch to 3 inch PVC reducer so the glass vase could sit in it
I drilled some small holes in the 4 inch upper part to fit 3 small black zip ties. These hold the algae screen onto the PVC. They just push in (The algae screen has algae on it because I took these photos 7 days after the scrubber was running so you could see the algae growth)
Here is the scrubber with the glass vase sitting snugly in the PVC base

I made this light holder from PVC

Here is the light holder sitting on top of the vase with the light hanging down into the vase lighting the algae screen

Here is a pic of the scrubber sitting under water. The glass vase extends up above the water line about 7 inches. This way no water can get into it and short out the light

I will post soon some of the growth pics of the screen and of the cleaning of the screen.