Saturday, October 13, 2012

CDMills IAS 1.1 Algae Scrubber Design

Currently I am working on my prototype which is my concept of an inflow algae scrubber design (IAS 1.0). But I have modified it slightly and so this current design will now be called IAS 1.1. I am not posting any pictures of the scrubber as of yet because I am waiting for my DIY free license from Santa-Monica Filtrations so I can get an ID# to be included under his patent-pending Upflow Algae Scrubber (tm) technology. My license# will be AB-1272.

Like I've said I'm not posting any actual build pictures yet but I can tell you some of the changes I have in store for this scrubber.

In my original IAS 1.0 design, I was going to use a pond basket. As of right now though, I've dumped the idea of using it. Instead, I am just going to use my algae scrubber screen. I will cut the screen to the length and height that I want and then bring the ends together to form a cylinder. I will then attach the ends to each other. I will probably attach a bottom to it using a round piece of scrubber screen. This will simplify the design a lot. Then all I have to do is set my acrylic or glass cylinder that will house my light(s) down through the middle of the scrubber screen and this will hold the entire algae scrubber down into the water.

I'm also thinking about making the water flow rate in my sump adjustable from slower to faster using 3 pumps. So that means I will have 4 pumps total in my sump. The main pump will pump water from the sump into my display tank at a variable rate, and the other 3 pumps will be different sizes and set on timers and flow water from one end of the sump to the other. Each one will flow at different times and different rates to mimic (very, very, very generically I must add) ocean currents and tides. It was discovered that different flow rates can affect net photosynthesis and so I want to see the affects different flow rates have on algae growth.

So check back soon to see my progression on this particular algae scrubbing filtration system.


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